February 17, 2018

R.I.P. ¶₭ 2003 – 2018

In March of 2017, I created an “ARG” or “Alternate Reality Game“. I referred to this project as “PK17″.

The ARG contained themes which dealt with mind control, child abuse, unsolved crimes, and a disturbing new Youtube trend wherein intentionally malicious and psychologically harmful videos were being aimed at young children.

Behind-the-scenes shot of a PK17 cipher.

Drawing attention to these channels was my primary goal with the PK17 project. I had hoped to bring together a group of intelligent individuals who could actively combat this phenomenon, which has since been dubbed “Elsagate.” For those unfamiliar, I strongly recommend watching and subscribing to the Youtube channel “Investigating Youtube” for an entire rundown on Elsagate. No one has covered this topic better, and in a more professional, concise manner than the folks over at IYT. They deserve a huge amount of credit for helping to stem the tide of these videos, and making Youtube realize they had/have a major issue on their site.

Yes, I do have a dark sense of humor. That may well be obvious to anyone who knows me. But children legitimately and actively being harmed is not something I am able to sit back and stomach. Yet, I am only one person, and even with the small amount of press these videos were getting at the time I discovered them, absolutely nothing was being done to halt their creation.

So I invented PK. PK was everything I couldn’t be. He was a mysterious protagonist/antagonist used for the purpose of shocking the general public into not being able to ignore these channels. I used true crime, psychological horror for atmosphere, and ciphers which worked as breadcrumbs to lead people to the various topics covered in the ARG, with the most important being “Elsagate.”

nyt-ss-under-the-full-moon-the-small-ones-shall-know-terror-pk17In the age of social media it’s not enough to simply post links. You have to metaphorically grab someone by the shirt, shake them, and force them to witness the these social ills for themselves.

The PK17 ARG used two Twitter pages, ZEAUX_CTX and GyKE69, four Youtube channels, each with a single unlisted “trigger” video, and a few other miscellaneous free hosting sites. Once an individual reached the end of the PK17 ARG, they would find a folder with various media tied to the theme of the ARG, and a single encoded link to my site, 21 Faces Inc.

The reason I’ve decided to remove my mask today, and come clean about the origins of PK, is due to the recent arrest in New York of two brothers who are being charged with building an explosive device. What does that have to do with PK17? Well I sure am glad you asked…

Apparently, one of the brothers, Christian Toro, (who, according to news reports had been arrested at the end of January on child sex abuse charges) had a purple index card in his apartment. On it was the handwritten sentence, “Under the full moon the small ones will know terror.” This quote was taken directly from the the PK17 ARG (see attached SS). 

zeaux_cxt-under-the-full-moon-the-small-ones-will-know-terror-pk17This also comes on the heels of someone sending PK17 materials to Netherlands authorities in a missing persons case. I gave genuine consideration to wrapping it up then, but fortunately the person came forward and admitted their actions to the police. It was an utterly misguided attempt on their part to garner more police attention for the missing girl, and while their heart might have been in the right place, their actions were undoubtedly foolish beyond belief.

I have no desire to waste the authorities time on what was essentially an art project with the added intention of bringing attention to a truly lecherous internet fad.

There are insane, horrible people in the world. They will do insane and horrible things. I’m proud of what PK17 has achieved, but due to these repeated felonious activities being associated with the project, I believe it is time to put PK to rest.

If anyone wishes to contacted me with questions regarding PK17, I can be contacted via email at “21facesinc (at) gmail (dot) com”.

Keep fighting the good fight.

R.I.P. ¶₭
2003 – 2018

Public statement from my Facebook with additional photos can be found here.