Coming to you live from the Supermax penitentiary in Tally, Georgia, ‘LOCKDOWN SERIAL KILLER WRESTLING’ airs matches between history’s most depraved and evil men going one on one inside the squared circle. Corrections Officers Teddy “Amen” Atlas and Bud “The Brawler” Halloway run the play-by-play commentary, and no one is more familiar with these men than those who must house them in the cold confinements of prison.

The state of Georgia along with the federal Government has given us permission to allow matches for public viewing between convicted murderers. Those criminals who sign on with LOCKDOWN who have not arrested by authorities are given immunity from capture.
Join us for some of the greatest spectacles in professional wrestling.

Written by H.B. & St. Äma
Performed by H.B. & St. Äma
Produced by St. Äma
© 21 Faces Inc. 2016