October 26, 2016


Since living on the Reptilian Moon Base I’ve been allowed to peer one year into the future and collect notes to bring back and share with mankind. I have no idea why the Anunnaki would want me to do such a thing, but it’s so pleasant up here that I’m not gonna ask too many questions.
In The Year 2017: Social Media – Volume 01

In the year 2017 Facebook will become a valid form of Government ID. The parents of unborn children will be required to sign their child up for a Facebook account within 48 hours of birth. This will be the only way to obtain a Facebook account.

These new Federal Facebook accounts will be required for such things as school enrollment, employment, and Social Security Benefits upon reaching the age of 65.

No one will reach the age of 65 in the year 2017. Because fewer old people use social media there will be a push by the corporations which own said social media sites to euthanize those above the age of 55.

Upon reaching the age of 55 the individual will be humanely euthanized in the comforting walls of a Facebook-funded euthanasia ward.

Facebook will release a neural implant which hooks directly into the users’ brain giving the person access to Facebook twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Never again will you have to sit alone with your increasingly self-destructive thoughts and scathing introspection.

In the year 2017 chimps will begin using the internet. It will be impossible to tell them apart from 90% of the internet’s human users.

In the year 2017 we will communicate solely via the use of emojis and reaction memes.