COCOA THE CLOWN was created, written and drawn by St. Äma between 2005 and 2008. It is a webcomic that follows the exploits of either a derelict in a clown suit–an extraterrestrial with amnesia–or a primal deity roaming the Earth.

“With three panels at a time, Cocoa is evolving in awesome steps.

As the series progresses more and more, I don’t see any connection to the gay faggotry of gawthic, and/or “funny-guy” clowns anymore. Not that I ever did. the fact that he’s a clown, at this point, is merely a cosmetic aspect of the absolute.

He’s almost an into-identity. A philosopher so unpretentious and yet lost in his own skin.

Cocoa The Clown is a virgin representation of humanity in its purest, most honest form.

Mankind nothing more than a confused vagrant, wandering the streets, pondering his inner desires, completely unaware that he wears the visage of a goof, a fool, or to put it another way… A fucking clown. Like a foggy dream the events of yet another meaningless day unfold as Cocoa observes it all in memories resounding like a displaced epitaph.

This almost makes him some higher, darker, and more whimsical version of a mediocre existentialist.

A necessary offspring of an every-changing evolutionary process, one of habitat’s discards. An approachable monster and an unnatural holy man, all at once. Like lighting out of a clear sky.”

Gobowinkler, 2006-

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